1. A co-worker once tried to mansplain that fouls don’t count as strikes in baseball. As a huge baseball fan, I obviously refuted that — the first two strikes can be from fouls, you just can’t strike out on a foul. He still continued to maintain that he was right, because he watched baseball since he was a kid and coached Little League. It only ended with me finally having to show him the actual foul strike rule on my phone.- Kayla Savard, Facebook
  2. My sister and I went to an electronics store to buy a TV for her new apartment. She had narrowed it down to two options and we were discussing the merits of each when a (male) employee came over and started mansplaining to us that the 54″ option was going to be a little bigger than the 50″. I had to walk away because I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream or cry.-Margeret
  3. I explained I needed to take medication that lowers the amount of blood I lose during periods, and the guy said, “You don’t need medication for that! You just need tampons!”
    I tried to explain that tampons wouldn’t help, but he insisted on telling me how they stop the blood coming out, “just like a plug!” I was amazed that he actually thought that was true. And yes, I did then let him know that tampons soak up blood and don’t actually stop periods from happening.-charliemay
  4. A guy I work with often tries to tell me how I’m doing a task is wrong. And yet my assistant manager is about 2 seconds away from wringing this guy’s neck for incorrectly rotating product ON A REGULAR BASIS. I work in a grocery store deli. Rotation is KINDA a big deal. But Skippy McNumnuts insists that he’s the only one who knows how to do everything right. I’m just waiting for him to get his foot stuck in a trashcan.-Kathryn, Facebook
  5. MY masters’ thesis. He actually tried to mansplain MY own thesis back to me.-Stephanie Higgs, Facebook
  6. . I was on a date with a guy and he was driving. I was freezing so I asked him ‘do you mind if I turn the heat up?’
    He indicated to the air conditioner nob (which dictates the temperature with red and blue lines) and says ‘it’s here, if you turn it towards to blue it goes colder but if you turn it towards the red it goes warmer’
    To his credit, though, when I started laughing and said ‘you totally just mansplained that to me’ he said ‘wow I did, I’m sorry… Want to learn how to open a car door too?’
    Nice guy, we still talk.- Maria
  7. One evening my husband was telling me a story about a “horrible” mansplaining incident that occurred at his work. Based on his description, I didn’t think it was mansplaining. At which point he said, “You do know what mansplaining is, don’t you?” And then he proceeded to define it for me. The irony of the moment was delicious and completely missed by him.-ajmwm1996
  8. Don’t know if this is Mansplaining or ManQuizzing, you can decide.
    This is a conversation which I actually witnessed; it occurred at my place in NY and it was between a male friend of my husband and a female friend of mine. They met for the first time, and my friend is very attractive and the male friend was obviously taken with her.
    Man: So where do you live?
    Woman: I live in Hollywood, Florida.
    Man: Where is that?
    Woman: That’s in South Florida; not too far from Ft Lauderdale, close to Miami.
    Man: Did you know that Miami has its own football team?
    Woman: Um, yes.
    Man: What’s the team’s name?
    Woman: (giving me a glance like “Are you f’ing kidding me?) The Miami Dolphins.
    Man: (With a satisfied look on his face) That’s right. Very good.-Monica
  9. I used to be part of a writers group. There was one guy who always half-assed everything — he never finished anyone’s stories or offered up good feedback on anything.
    I had written a short story where the main character used a .22 revolver. He told me that revolvers were “old-fashioned” and “outdated technology” and said that the story would be more believable if the character was using an automatic.
    The character was playing Russian roulette.-LinnieG