1.  I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and had lived there for 32 years. I was traveling for work and spent 6 months in Wyoming. At work one day I was discussing the smog in LA in the 70’s and how bad it was because of the topography that caused the car and industrial emissions to collect in the basin to form an inversion layer. At this point this gentleman interrupts and tells me that I have no idea what I’m talking about and that LA has no inversion layer. Forget the fact that he was born and raised in Nebraska, had never actually been to LA, and that I had spent all those years watching weathermen describe the smog levels as a result of the inversion layer…..So, yea….mansplaining.-Sabrina Amber
  2. A taxi driver once tried to convince me, for about 20 awkward minutes, that the national language of Chile is French.I am Chilean. It’s Spanish.

    -Pamela Cataldo, Facebook

  3. My son has played football for about 9 years. I have been a football fan in general for almost all my life. When I am at his games by myself there is always some dad that tries to tell me how the plays work, what the referee means on penalty calls, and what the positions do. As I was volunteering on the sidelines one day doing what it called the “chain gang”, I had a dad try to explain how to do it. I looked at him and told him he was wrong, he had his part of the chain in the wrong place and that he needed to move it. Then the referee came up and told him the same damn thing. He stopped trying to tell me anything after that and then started asking me questions.
  4. A former guy friend tried to explain to me the appearance, function, and purpose of a push-up bra.-Amanda Ross, Facebook
  5. I work in an major hockey arena in the operations department. I am the only female in my department and the only female manager in the building. I have created an atmosphere now where most men won’t even crack a sexist comment of fear of my wrath that follows. I don’t let them get away with much, however my male direct superior feels I am still inadequate in understanding certain aspects of this business.

    I admittedly am not a fan of hockey, but as a Canadian I’m not a dumbass and know the basics and how it’s played. A few years into my job and hundreds of hockey games later, we had a celebrity hockey tournament in our building and I was taking a moment to watch the game. A fight had broken out and one of the players was being escorted to the penalty box.

    It was a bad call on the refs part and I commented “What! Come on!” My superior turns to me with a serious look on his face and says “You see, in hockey there are rules and when players break those rules they go to the penalty box ” Then he continued to explain the rules of hockey and what calls would send players to the penalty box. Took me all my strength not to roll my eyes in front of him and walk away. Instead I encouraged him to continue to explain how hockey was played- eventually I think he got it as he pretended to get a phone call and walked away.

  6. I have a small collection of pins on my backpack, including a lot of Star Trek pins. After class one day, a dude proceeded to hassle me about how my Star Trek pins were “all wrong” because my engineering pin was red and my command pin was yellow. He said the “correct” colors were engineering yellow and command red. He proceeded to rant about fake geek girls before I could get a word in edgewise and correct him. The Next Generation introduced the engineering yellow and command red, and the original series had engineering/security red, hence the “red shirt.” Who’s the fake geek now?-Kiley Cloud, Facebook
  7. I worked on a committee with a man who was convinced I could not disagree with him. Every time I did, with a fully articulated explanation about why I held a different view, he would respond, “You don’t understand.” And proceed to tell me AGAIN why his position was correct. Typically, he ignored my arguments against his position or taking a different position. So, it was just a recitation of his position. This would go on in a completely circular fashion, with me responding to each “you don’t understand” and lengthy recitation of his position with “I understand, I don’t agree” and my rebuttal, until the other members of the committee would lose their shit and call a halt to the “discussion.”
  8. I was buying a new set of violin strings at a music store, and the teenage boy working at the register spent several minutes explaining to me how to change a string on a violin.

    I have a bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis on violin performance. I’ve been playing violin for 20 years. I think it’s safe to say I know how to change a string.

    -Sam Rose, Facebook

  9. I was once at a bar with a couple male friends, and two guys none of us had ever met joined our conversation about football. We all love football, me included. The Super Bowl was about to be played between the Giants & the Patriots. I made a comment about how I hate the Patriots, even then they had their spying scandals, and I said Bill Belichick is a piece of shit.One of the strangers overheard, said, “oh, a WOMAN is talking about football!” and went on a tirade about how terrible the Patriots are and I don’t know what I’m talking about. funny, that’s actually the opinion I was expressing! when I started to tell him i agree, that’s what I was saying, he interrupted me to look to my two (male) friends to ask “whose woman is she?” I was absolutely dumbfounded. my quick-witted friend stepped in and said “damn man, she’s her own woman!” and the guy shut up. I think the guy was drunk, but the whole thing was pretty obnoxious. sorry to all the Patriots fans, y’all should know a lot of people hate your team.

    -Zoe, Facebook.

  10. I used to work as a marketing and merchandising analyst for a major retailer. We were in a team meeting discussing if items like pads and tampons should be placed on promotional displays in our stores or if those weren’t the kinds of items that would do well in those spaces. The other women and I started to explain how women shop for pads and tampons to the men on the team — using both our own personal experience as users of those products, and also cold hard customer data from our databases. We were then harshly rebuked by Kyle, our idiotic and mansplaining team lead, who said, “Listen, that’s not how women shop for pads and tampons, OK? I know how women shop for pads and tampons.” He then proceeded to advance his own nonsensical theory on how women shop for pads and tampons while all the women in the room felt dead inside.-emilieh4055168ea